Vertical Ecologies ? (via Calknithedesignguy’s) #UjenziBora

I tend to agree that the term “green” is overused,
Perhaps there is need to separate the functional aspects of design from mere sentimentalism.

There seems to be money in “going green” and part of this is advised by the ideaology that
the earth is “under human threat”. Naturally, we would trace public opinion being influenced
greatly by those promoting the going “Green Movement”.
Its like a euphoria, in my opinion…
Kind regards
David Nahinga

Vertical Ecologies ? In the 21st Century sustainable design is showing no bounds.  Greenwalls have been around forever, but not walls that can be incorporated and applied universally to almost any surface and project like we have now.  The term 'green'  is quite frankly overused and a dumbed-down association of anything relevant to sustainable design.  Green can simply mean the color green, it can mean sustainable, it can mean ecological, etc..etc.  And to partner th … Read More

via Calknithedesignguy's Blog


~ by ujenzibora on June 3, 2010.

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