Who will win the WorldCup 2010? Vote at #UjenziBora

I post this opinion poll because without doubt, our life has been gripped by a phenomenon going on down in South Africa.
The World Cup is here with us and my twitter timeline is totally seized by the craze.
Its a good thing.Life is not just nuts and bolts or concrete and mortar. Life is a walk in the park, blowing a vuvuzela and running in wet grass barefoot.

Life is the little things!

There are only seven countries that have won a World Cup: Brazil (5), Italy (4), Germany (3), Argentina (2), Uraguay (2), England (1), and France (1). Will a new nation be added to this list in 2010?

I do not know what my friends think? Maybe a small opinion poll will give away the hint?
Who will win this thing?

Kindest regards
David Nahinga


~ by ujenzibora on June 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Who will win the WorldCup 2010? Vote at #UjenziBora”

  1. If that is you the pic, then your handsome guy who built good homes. bravo!

    • Dear Juliet,
      Yes that is me, ;)) Thank you and welcome.
      Its a lovely encouragement, i hope i shall be of benefit to you and my other readers.

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