The European countries are at the forefront of digitizing their economies by embracing and creating incentives for research in electronic procurement of services and works.

The community of e-Procurement experts hosted by the ePractice portal, has gathered and analyzed the key activities that have an impact on the development of electronic procurement in Europe.

To easily identify “who is doing what” in the European scenario, the e-procurement experts have prepared an “eProcurement Map” that serves as a dynamic picture of various projects, initiatives or communities, having different targets, audiences or approaches to e-Procurement.

It is in this light that UjenziBora would like to share this vital piece of research with our readers. The download is available under the BOXBE/Resources panel of this blog. The 45 Page document comprises

1.       Map of the activities, objectives, approach and contacts

2.       Available studies

3.       Legal Acts affecting e-Practice

We trust it shall be of great benefit to interested readers. It is most likely that Africa will play the “catch-up game” since we are yet to concertize on any e-Procurement community. It is only recent that most governments are taking a more structured approach to Procurement and standardizing the processes.

However, there is room for the corporates to pioneer research and embrace best practice in the aspects of e-Procurement of goods, services and labour.

We at UjenziBora trust the piece shall be an eye opener and of great benefit to both readers and research.

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~ by ujenzibora on June 30, 2010.

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