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The Evolution & Vision of FrameMax
“Necessity is the mother of invention” the famed Greek scholar Plato once said.

Founded in 2001, FrameMax became the first and now leading steel framing company in the industry to integrate patented technology, CAD design & engineering into the framing manufacturing process. The invention revolutionized the way steel framing is used and assembled in the construction phase of multi-family housing, mixed-used space, extended-stay hotels, motels, assisted living facilities and large military housing project.

According to CEO Phil Ellis,

“Construction is a very large conservative industry that has lacked the application of new technology to bring about changes in products, new systems of construction and delivery of product to the marketplace.”

Benefit in embracing Framed Steel Construction:

Cost Savings

  • Labor > Lower cost than concrete in high labor cost countries and cost competitive with concrete in low labor countries.
  • Foundation> Lighter Structure saves on

    foundation cost as less material is needed.

  • Insurance> Non-combustible material= lower insurance premiums(both during construction and lifetime of the building

Time Savings

  • Build Faster– Building with pre-panelized walls delivered to the job site ready to be installed saves on time when compared to how long concrete takes to set.
  • Less Effected by the Elements– Unlike concrete, steel is less affected by bad weather, this allows for on site construction to continue.
  • Time Savings for Other Trades– Other trades can start immediately following completion of the floor levels.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Environmental Impact– 1/6th of the CO2 emissions when compared to concrete buildings. It also offers 1/3rd of the energy used in producing the materials.

Steel Benefits:

  • Stronger Material- Light gauge Steel is 3 times the “strength to weight” ratio of wood or concrete resulting in an overall lighter structure than wood, and a significantly lighter structure than concrete
  • Durable – termite and rot proof material
  • Galvanized steel is rust proof, mold resistant and water proof
  • Most Galvanized steel carry a minimum of 50 years warranty against any form of corrosion
  • Superior Precision- Through use of 3D computer model in rolling out the steel forms
  • Factory Quality Control – Monitored Processes
  • 3D Computer Modeling- Helps identify issues prior to breaking the ground.

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