The BongCloud Ambush| Thoughts from the 8th Day

It was a great Sunday. One i cannot easily forget!

One that i was ambushed on two occasions.
On one hand, a reckless matatu driver rammed into my front car wheel and caused some minor “but effective” damage.
On the other, i received a serious beating at #chessunday, the 8th Day of the week.

After reading “Winning with the BongCloud” by Andrew Fabbro which I downloaded at I faced the greatest nightmare of my playing times.

Talk of being ambushed in the dark. Its also comparable to one who has just told a lie on where he is *say library* only to receive a phone call in a loud, noisy place. The contrast is deafening!

Here I was, fully armed with my crazy BongCloud Opening strategy and Life just happened on me 🙂

Well, they say life is what happens to us when we are busy planning what it IS.

Am thankful to @lisege for the good lesson and the book “Zig Ziglar on Selling” . Am also glad that he helped drum sense into some neighbor after he read “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Clason. That is what happens with the #BooksXchange

As always, my keeper one @natekev made the First Ambush to disappear as I sipped on my cup of coffee. That was the Quickest Recovery Ever! Moving from an accident scene to a game of chess.

In Other related news, I redeemed myself from the BongCloud embarrassment by winning my match against @J_bmag

Two Ladies

Need to say am sorry to the two awesome guests who took their time to be at Coffee World by 5:00pm. Pole Sana, the accident sapped all the early gains I had made. Again, Life just Happened right there. Am sure next time we will give life a checkmate when it is about to #Happen

Careful What You Study

Of course Life Happens. That’s the string of the music that our heart vibrates to. However, both in Light of this experience and in retrospect, I think its prudent to deal with shallow things as though they were shallow and deep ones with the deepness it deserves. A sort of measure for measure. A cup cannot contain more than its capacity. Starting this week,  begin to give a second eye to the #Script. That #Script that gives me BongCloud Embarrasments.

Would it not be perfect to hear behind our ears that Godly command that God gave one Abraham “Walk ye before me, and be ye perfect! As I am”. Its befitting to seek it, I yearn for excellence. A particle of God is me if the analogy that am created in His image holds true? Yes

Here are the Last Four tweets that captured the BongCloud Embarassment

  1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Qxd5 3. Ke2 Qe4# I think i will not play the Bongcloud Opening again, better stick to what i knew #chessunday
  2. That “BongCloud Opening” disgraces the King…he keeps looking for a hideout #notCool cc:@natekev @lisege @kirembu @gymiechoe @gymiechoe:
  3. LOl! Ebu try n picture plaster of Paris on my left mbavus n OneLegUp What! *Yaani life inaeza isha any time #RoadKillingsHappen*
  4. The beauty of it is that its a game of second chances, with all mistakes waiting to be made #chessunday I redeemed mysef Pahahaha cc:@lazizi

I trust there shall be no more BongCloud Embarrassments this coming 8Day week I live.



~ by ujenzibora on July 19, 2010.

One Response to “The BongCloud Ambush| Thoughts from the 8th Day”

  1. By shallow things, my meaning is that the First Ambush * the car accident* was a shallow matter but the Second One *that is, the real BongCloud Strategy i had studied needed a little bit more practice before i applied it to effect 🙂

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