10 Amazing Little Random Things I Remember #UjenziBora

by David Nahinga


In this NO NONSENSE post, i intend to beat some sense into my psyche. A thousand orphan thoughts crossed my mind this morning and I found room for these 10 Little Thoughts. This post is more personal to my friends than i thought it would turn out to be.

I realized that sometimes i do blogs with the presumption that All are Rich, All can Afford.

This post is to level the score. This post is for the FootMan, the man walking the street today with home-hope for tomorrow.

The man who enjoys the masterpieces of the Architect, the one who sees the Chimney and the red of the Bricks. Spectators and Sojourners in this Civilized Existence.

1. See and Enjoy the Landscape

In that Significant temptation of Jesus, he was shown the kingdoms of the World.

Enjoy the temptation and the spectacle. That title plus that title plus that title deed becomes THE LANDSCAPE. See what i mean?

Forget about owning it, you cannot own the Landscape; let it remain a spectacle to enjoy. That is the way the gods are tempted, not by houses but by Landscapes and Kingdoms.

A great while of my time i spend traveling this vast beautiful country.

I simply let go of the thought to grab a piece. It’s beautiful when you combine all the splits. It is beautiful if you don’t think how much it costs you!

The skyline of the city is beautiful but even more beautiful is the undeveloped plains. The Mara, the Tsavos, the Chyullus and Hells Gate. There is more to life than Real Estate.

See the Great Work of the First Architect. It is awesome, marvelous in my eyes!!!

And the earth brought forth grass, herb yielding seed after its kind, and tree bearing fruit, wherein is the seed thereof, after its kind: and God saw that it was good. DO YOU SEE THESE THINGS?

2. See the Child Play & the Children

In the poem “A Woman Waits for Me” by Walt Whitman (1819-1892), the world is seen in the present and in Posterity.

You have children? Celebrate them for that is your portion.

You have your wife or girlfriend? That is your great Portion.

Raise the daughters and sons in complete joy,

Often i have seen a simple child would keep three adults quite busy.

Be absorbed in their world. See the world from that eye-of-innocence.

Live with the rhythm of life

To believe yourself and yours- This is Courage.

Its Thoreau who said “Infancy conforms to nobody: all conform to it, so that one babe commonly makes four or five out of the adults who prattle and play to it.”

It is really, truly refreshing to know that you can advance in the Chaos and Dark without giving much ado in whether you own the roof or the Landlord owns it. Four words, Mind Your Own Business.

Trust Thyself: Every heart vibrates to that Iron String-Emerson

3. All things are Yours

In a most astounding fashion, Apostle Paul the Christian states in 1Co 3:21-32 ” Wherefore let no one glory in men. For all things are yours; whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things to come; all are yours;

Most astounding of accuracies right there! To be plain i think owning a home in this work-A-day world is overrated.

Set your heart beyond the things that men glory in. Set it up beyond the Clouds where no eye can see. Set your eyes in things which cannot be built. Sometimes you become a fool, and then become wise.

Ordinary and Extraordinary are all yours: Do not pity your existence. Neither set your eyes upon the properties of the earthlings to Covet. In swahili they say #KulaNaMacho. Do not let your lack of anything be a constant Vexation

How Think You? First it is given you Your Life to enjoy, What shall you give in exchange for it?

4. Stop the Illusions

The other day i was calculating how much it would cost a well-able young man to construct a two bed roomed stone house if he was lucky enough. I discovered that he needs to save at least Kshs.30, 000.00 over a period of 200months to build a Kshs.6, 000,000 house. Talk of DREAMS.

It is prudent to have a modest opinion of ourselves, a due sense of the common weakness of human understanding. DO THIS, buy a small rural plot and construct a THOREAU. In case you wonder what that is, think of a HUT, an ISIMBA. A house built by one man purely for the essence. Many a man have gotten the confidence to quench their illusions by starting small.

Think Self Reliance.

Power and Speed be your hand and feet, forget locomotives you cannot afford. One day at a time with wagons seems to be your path. Do not reject your fate, live simply and the gods will not pierce you with the agony of an uncompleted-unroofed-house.

Know your worth and Keep things Under your Feet and Control.

5. Remember Your Past

The other day you left the woods. No! You are still in the woods in the City.

Back where you came from, the siblings are calling. Am sure you can re-roof your mamas grass-thatched-house.

Simply be sober enough, spare some Kshs.40,000.00 and set to give thy people a decent shelter.

I suspect you can still afford some house rent here and there in this Big-Bad-City full of Landlords.

The last time you went around checking on the cost of a Plot, you discovered the #GapTheory. Where shall you find the Kshs. 880,000.00 to top up that Kshs.40, 000.00? Go home and do some Justice.

Sometimes it calls for Building a Dream House for them, as you wait patiently for Yours. Let us face it, you do not have enough money to build your home, Build one for your aging Mother.

6. Count the Cost

There is no simpler rule. If a man wants to build a house, let him first sit down and estimate the Cost.

That is the simple theme of UjenziBora Blog. Take your time; do not be in a hurry. Simply Sit Down and count the Damn Cost. Shall you afford it with thy monies, shall you borrow? Or shall you use OPM (Other People’s Money)?


If your arithmetic is opposing your dreams, don’t push it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let it not trouble you, give it your Verdict and be Unabribable

7. Mingle With the People

It is not escapism, No it is not.

This are the days of interconnectedness. The great privilege of our time is that like the devil, we can travel to and fro the face of the web.


It is folly to isolate your self and think local.

I wonder if you think about the Caribbean’s or the Mandarin.

Yes. Our fathers knew quite well the 150 villagers. The times demand we know at least 300.

The refreshing thoughts, the friendship, the knowledge. What demons bedevil you?

Those things you see are NOT Burdens, they ARE opportunities to survive.

Spare yourself the grief

8. What if Life was a Chess Game?

Whether we like it or not, Death is the final Checkmate.

Move the Other Pieces.

Life is short read that Book, Paint that Picture and

Let the Art immortalize your thoughts.

Desire burns once, don’t waste it.

Passion calls and the creation waits for you in eager expectation.

Be busy, raise that Son or Bastard. You never know what their fate is.

In the folds of clay is gold found. Many a mothers wish out of their team of children, one be found a Wise One and the nine whichever way the lots fall. The One will save the other nine, life is balanced. Just like the Proverb “a stitch in time saves nine”

Darknes, Light. Yes, No. See, Saw. Peter was robbed to pay Paul. Nothing to the excess. Move the Piece You Must.  Do something else, anything Beneficial.

You don’t find a thing to do? Then Teach.

You find no Pupil? Then think & meditate.

Nothing is to be wasted.

9. Solitude Has its Place

Find it.

Forget the school, the committee, the Party, the Government , the Mosque, the Grind, the Husstle.

Forget Teamwork, Work Teams, the Corporation, the Stock Exchange.

Forget custom, Forget Trade, Forget Costume

Be Still.

Be. Forget what the people Think, what you must do is what must concern you.

And when you come back to mingle, forget not the voice you heard in Solitude.

Let it not remain faint in the multitude of the people and their Noise.

Keep the integrity of your own mind.

If in solitude you found the rude Truth, speak it in all ways. Grind grace.

Expect me not to show cause why I seek or why I exclude company.

10. People Forget; they Will

Always Remember that people forget. I have forgotten that colleague who died though he had the other key to my office. True, I do not remember him.

They forgot Solomon though he was the wisest,

They forgot them. You forgot them.

Even today, parents yet alive are forgotten by Youth in the City.

The village is past tense, the city is present tense.

Man is fragile as to forget his roots.

Only History remembers.

In 100 years, almost all the people you know will be dead.

They will be gone like the grass.

Will you remember these little 10 Things?



~ by ujenzibora on July 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “10 Amazing Little Random Things I Remember #UjenziBora”

  1. In as much as I skimmed thru some of it, I got it. Wonderful post Nahinga 🙂 very inspiring

  2. Interesting and as Joliea said, quite inspiring.

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