FOODCHAIN TIERS | a reflection on my Conflicts!!

A reflection on my Conflicts of Interests

This i write because i sort of have a mental cramp that has bothered me for a while.

I had reflected earlier on this week on the prospect of purchasing a One Acre piece of Land somewhere in Nairobi. The thought actually came to me while i was enjoying a game of Chess with my good friend @kirembu at Rangers Restaurant.

What Offended me.

Kimutai bought a piece of land at Syokimau for Kshs. 200,000.00 some four years ago. His boss had bought a bigger parcel of land at the same place for Kshs.60,000.00 *about seven years ago*. When i shared with Mr. Kimutai how i wished to be the owner of a similar plot as his, he proudly informed me the piece goes for about Kshs. 1,000,000.00

The offense was set in motion. How on earth would i part with such a Volume of Monies!!! Ieosus, my feet!!!

What it means is that the less monied you are, the further you must live from the Big City. Organically, this arranges land owners into a sort of artificial tier with land furthest from the City costing less-and-less per mile….

Thinking on Food Chains

Food chains and food webs are representations of the predator-prey relationships between species within an ecosystem or habitat.

Many chain and web models can be applicable depending on habitat or environmental factors.

Food chains are overly simplistic as representatives of the relationships of living organisms in nature. Most consumers feed on multiple species and in turn, are fed upon by multiple other species.

For a snake, the prey might be a mouse, a lizard, or a frog, and the predator might be a bird of prey or a badger.

A food web is a series of related food chains displaying the movement of energy and matter through an ecosystem.

Money represents My Sweat!!!

I exchange my labor primarily for money. My sweat, blood and shrewdness is all accounted for by

  1. The Money
  2. The Relationships
  3. The Assets

To exchange this sweat in the Real Estate ecosystem and end up with a Piece of the earth i find a most hard thing to do. This are days i need Faith perhaps. A little closing of the eyes to part with my money.

Maybe i should just ignore the first Four Tiers in the Maslow Hierachy of needs and jumpoff to self-Actualisation.

Wooooop! Woooooooooooop!!!! I can afford that BMW!!! and quote Jesus, “Foxes have holes, but the son of man has NOWHERE” in particular>>> to lay his head?

Be My Wife (BMW)

Cars are dear to men. Then again,  buying another new car to add to my Junkie collection would just offend my neighbours. Where do they park their toys? Honestly, should i stop dreaming and start driving?

Come to think of it, after one buys the Shamba, so what. There was this insidiously evil thought, “Before i buy it, it shall be there. After i buy it, the land shall be there as well but i will have lost the money.

Land Is Only Good,If…

Land is only good if you chew it and increase its utility. Digestion squeezes the energy out of Land. Developed land can guarantee that you tap a greater Energy level from the ecosystem.

Am thinking of :

  1. Speculation: What if i hold onto the Land and wait for the Price to shoot up? A fools nest…
  2. Real Estate Development : This option will allow me to have a quick Return on Investment now that Nairobi is full of Homelessness
  3. Constructing Rentals: This will make the arrows point at me. Assuming 5 Kenyans rent the “houses’, i would have added 4 more arrows pointing at me? Yes
  4. Build a House: Notice am not using the word “home”. For i am at home everywhere. Building a house for my family would at once displace the arrow that points to the “real eater= my Landlord”

Red Court Hotel

While i could not make up my mind, i happened to have enjoyed a few moments of Life at South C. Fully owned by the Kenya red Cross Society, the Red Court Hotel is a 4 star hotel situated at South C, Nairobi. It feels very benevolent and philanthropic to enjoy money knowing that it goes Full Circle to help the Red Cross Clients/Victims…


Labour does not exist in isolation from the eyes of the merchant, the corporate strategist or the Schemer. Every one of you seeks to gain some advantage. A reaping from my sweat and tears. This post is a simple signpost to a road we all beat. I see men striving for power and significance. Nobody is letting go!!! Now they want me to register my sim-card?

What happens if i ignore the instructions of The System?

The weak are trodden underfoot and left behind. The School System, the Big School System, The Media and the School of hard Knocks are all aligning the arrows of the Food chain to fit the Matrix.

If a child is well attended in school, He joins the FoodChain at the top Tier where more arrows must point. If he is mass-schooled, chances are the Son of man shall have a struggled existence. The Machine is Aligned listen all ye bolts and nuts.

That great invisible machine of this work-A-day world. The Matrix that men exchange their Life. The wonder of being but bolts and nuts in the Greater Scheme of the FoodChain!


Kindest regards



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  1. I enjoy read this post It’s so pleasure, good resources.thx

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