IAM 500 YEARS LATE |my thoughts on accelerating time

I woke up this morning wanting to projecture myself 500 years ahead of my time. So i penned  little thoughts that i hope to Understand 180 days from now.
This is a complex random blog that is very hard for me to wrap my little head around at this odd morning hour.

I shall quickly place down the bones of the thoughts and work on the meat later.

There is the jogging i have to do round about the estate
This blog is a preview of where I am going the next 500 Years.
Thoughts have scales and degrees. We must aspire to think better quality of thoughts.
If you ask me, I would say this blog is a Metaphoric Template of my typical thought patterns. You will be reading some Sober Madness up in here…

1. Turn Forward

1.1 I have NO TIME literally!

Others have said lateness is evil and they wish to turn back the hands of time? True. That is their school of thought.
If am to get the things i want to get, moving at the speed of time as we know it will not be of any help because am 500 years Late. I need to turn the hands of time forward at the approximate speed of 180,500 days per year. *1 day is like 1,000 and 1,000 days is like 1. Thinking of how life happens in Circles you can easily tell that 500 years is like 180,500 days*

My body is too weak a vessel to handle the streams of thoughts, am only doing a quick preview.Yes! That is the amount of time i need in one year to get to where I want to be.

#Acceleration therefore means that I do not have the TIME. I do not have the time to live one-day-at-a-time.
#Acceleration means if i am to plant maize, i cannot wait for it to grow
#Acceleration means if i need wine, certainly pots filled with water can as well be turned into wine chap chap. I mean there i no time to grow vineyards, harvest the grapes, let them sour etc for me to have the wine pressed.
#Acceleration means am suspending time-as-i-know it from the equation
#Acceleration means feeding 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread
#Acceleration means i am walking on a walking walkway
#Acceleration means my meat and bones are more worthy to work for money, Am better than that Scope
#Acceleration means perfection, the best a man can be. A higher threshold.
In summary, #Acceleration means what it means! Whatever the dickens your mind can comprehend at the end of this blog.

What am I saying?
The meaning is deeper than you can read this blog casually. Its way deeper than your bone marrow.

Somehow a car has no speed enough to projecture me where i want to be. Neither does a locomotive fashioned with human hands. I need to move at the speed of thought. Think of how fast information travels. Do you get the idea? Its something about living @ The Speed of thought

2. Meet People who are Years ahead

2.1 Spans of Time

I realize that i live in a Span-of-Time.
You live in your own  span of time.
All women do not have their thing at end month. Each one at her own span of time.

Therefore, it is prudent and quite in order that i meet people who are ahead of my
time span. Iron sharpens iron. The thing i intend to go through, someone else went through the same stuff.

There are men experiencing Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. I shall thus projectile myself by mingling with people who are already ahead of my season.

It is that thing that happens when making Duplicates. Like how people report as Witnesses, in the same span of time as though it is happening now. The people am talking about are Signs and Images of where I am going…

If it is the dawning of day at Nahinga’s I shall converse with those at the dusk of day.
The world does not sleep at the same time.
I refuse to only think of Night and Day.
Without loosing view of the present, every second i live is now more important to me more now than ever before.
Instead of living 1 day at a time, I shall live about 400 days at a time.
Nobody said you cannot think like a God. Impossible is Nothing.

3. How much Life?
3.1 Amazing Inference

You can take a large volume of information and compress it into a folder.
The entire human knowledge in print can be compressed and encrypted into
a device smaller than my Laptop.

In the same manner, I believe instead of living for 80 years and die like the rest,
It is possible to compress the sum total of this 80 years into a single day.

Therefore, when we shall be at the normal 40 years Old, we know we shall be
40X80 years Older in life. The shell we call a body will be 40 years Old but the Life Innit will be 3200 Years old.

It would thus be nothing to tell me Methuselah lived for 969 years.

The Masoteric text estimates that Methuselah, Son of Enoch, Father of Lamech died in 1656 AM, the year of the Flood at the age of 969

Do you get me Loud and Clear? Add more life to your years… *ears*

4. Beyond Dual Citizenship: Homo Universalis

4.1 Weight of Responsibility

I am not a Villager!
I am not even confined to the boundaries of my own country.
Every man is an Adam of sorts. A First Man

Now to vote that i be granted #DualCitizenship is another matter altogether.
Honestly, the tempo of this insane blog quickly rings a bell that this is the day of the universal man.

Man is becoming Homo Universalis. Going back where he was before we had Countries and Boundaries. Not tied to a piece of Earth!

The #DualCitizenship i envision is one of the Seen and Unseen World. That is something, not the other inferior species as conceived by the Politician.

To be responsible is anonymous with carrying the weight of governance on the shoulders.
That is the meaning of that saying, “the government shall be upon his shoulders”.
Suddenly the plank is removed from my eyes and i doubt if the weight of two countries is weight-enough if I think myself an Adam of Sorts. An nth Adam…

5. Makaratasi Papers

5.1 My friend @mmuendo said it!!!

A head is only supposed to think so much. That is the default programming of the school system.
Actually, funny enough i think i belong to another “school” of thought. Am told a group of fish is collectively referred to as a “School of Fish”. On the same note, i think these streams of thoughts belong to a totally different waters altogether.
I doubt whether any school can reveal this stuff.
Honorary degrees can be given to one on account of such thoughts.
These kind of thoughts are called #MakaratasiPapers. They are in and of themselves a degree. A scale above the rest of the kawaida thoughts that traffic on the Corridors of our head.

@mmuendo was telling me, similar thoughts come when you have had #OneTooMany.
We were enjoying some drinks after the 5th Chessunday

6. The Coming Future

It is said that “We must speak things that shall become sound doctrine” even if people will understand them 10 years later. This is about being Forerunners. The doctrines of dead men like Adam Smith, Darwin, Homer, Marcus Garvey etc and other “great souls” may not work in our generation. Their theories are our manure, footnotes to our belief system.

You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat. You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? And radio operates exactly the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat.-Dr. Albert Einstein

The advantage of this is that we shall pioneer future sound doctrines for the future age of the family of man. You and I must take a stand that is above the people so that they can be elevated when they catch the Vision. This is the concept of telling people in Egypt under slavery to go to a “Promised Land”.

7. Do not think MORE highly than you OUGHT to…

When you get to the root or etymology of the word “government”, you will realize it traces back to you managing a thing “yet unborn, yet expected”. They call it potential. What do we expect of ourselves, what is it we desire?
Who is this man within me and what is this thing that escapes me? What is it that is within the bowels of solutions in us? Is it a company, a new song, a strategy or emptiness and the fullness of bad news? Our tragedy is that we don’t even know ourselves!

It is very hard to sell an Insurance Policy to a man who thinks 500 Years ahead. You want to insure what?
What can you insure Beyond this flesh and bones and blood….
How do you think i am? Maybe a Walking Epistle, a Volume bigger than the Folder of that insurance policy you tryna sell.

This is Madness of the sober species. I shall refrain from it and heed the advice of Paul of Tarsus, “do not think of yourself more highly than you ought to”. I shall only think highly and not further.
Have a blessed week!!!
Kindest regards | Meet me at #chessunday

CLOSING SENTIMENT: The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.-Dr. Albert Einstein


~ by ujenzibora on August 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “IAM 500 YEARS LATE |my thoughts on accelerating time”

  1. This is mind-boggling. Evidently not for simple minds. Its for minds on the super-highway. Minds living many years at a time. Minds which crave an understanding of eternity and infinity in its simplest of forms and its complexities.

    A mind that yearns to solve the mysteries of its time, for its time isn’t static.

    Nice work.

  2. I call it Madness of the Sober species…
    Actually if you were to do a traffic check in my head, they are the kind of thoughts you would find.

    I find the thoughts to be like ideas i have picked here and there and so established them like some untamed lions in a zoo
    Thank you for passing by

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