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One of the stated aims of UjenziBora Blog is:

“to lift the lid on the mystery that surrounds Building and Construction and help build the knowledge base and expose best practice in the Industry. Its also my place to share my views, opinion and intrigues…”

It is with this perspective that am pleased to share a wealth of resources on the subject of best practice in Procurement/ Supply Chain Management.

This would be of great benefit to Executives and persons directly involved in the processes of Supply Chain Management.

As a subscriber to Supply & Demand Chain Executives, i received the following resources which are available as Downloads on UjenziBora (White Paper1 to 7) and (White Paper8 to 19)

You can click on the links to be re-directed to for the resources or access some of them via this Blog (Resources Section).

Key Strategies for Supply Chain Success
New Industry Research from

Times have been tough across the board for companies as they work to stay afloat in these turbulent economic times and even try to position their supply chains to ramp up when the recession begins to turn around. Knowledge – and your supply chain – is an excellent weapon when it comes to staying competitive.

Compiled here are informative, quick-hit articles by industry thought leaders you can apply to your supply chain for real results.

  1. Thought Leadership: Winning at the Shelf
    By JDA Software
  2. Higher Visibility, Greater Expectations – A.T. Kearney Indirect Procurement Study, 2010
    By AT Kearney
  3. How Do You Stack Up? ADR Scorecards for Green Initiatives, Risk Management and Stakeholder Engagement
    By ADR
  4. Deliver Rapid and Sustainable Cost Savings through Indirect Procurement
    By Treya Partners
  5. Doing Business Your Customer’s Way is the Only Way
    By Hubpsan
  6. Understanding and Improving Supplier Performance
    By Iasta
  7. Cloud Computing Delivers Smart Technology Solutions
    By VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.)
  8. 2010 ERP Report – ERP Vendor Analysis
    By Panorama Consulting Group
  9. Job Opportunities in Sustainable Supply Chain Management
    By Arizona State University
  10. Short-Sighted Risk Strategies That Threaten Your Supply Chain
    By BSI Group
  11. The New Approach to Travel Management
    By Puridiom
  12. How Procurement and Finance Executives can create bottom line impact from Source to Pay
    By Genpact
  13. ERP / EDI Integration Methodologies
    By DiCentral
  14. Fiscally Fit Facilities: A New Look At What It Means To Be Lean
    By Celsis
  15. Product Flow Path Design – Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All
    By Fortna
  16. Unilever Improves Short-Term Forecast Accuracy
    By Terra Technology
  17. The Winner’s Curse: Why Procurement and Supply Chain Market Leaders Face the Greatest Supply Risk
    By Dun and Bradstreet
  18. Lower Mailing and Shipping Costs with Enterprise Online Postage Software
  19. Sustainability and Refrigerant Management
    By IHS

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