Prefabricated Nature |by MYCC Architects

all photos © fernando guerra/FG+SG

Built in three months and assembled in three days, ‘prefabricated nature’ is a vacation house
by spanish firm MYCC architects (formed by carmina casajuana, beatriz g. casares
and marcos gonzález), located in the galician municipality of cedeira, spain.


The volume was wrapped with two materials with the purpose of setting up a dialogue with  the landscape. The roof and the side facades were covered with viroc®, a prefabricated mixture of cement and wood shavings.

The fibercement has a great strength efficiency in spite of being light
and, therefore, is easy to maintain and move. The two main facades of the house were clad with perforated corten trays following the schematized image of a forest silhouette, recreating the image of the surrounding vegetation. This material was chosen because it is part of the local tradition
of fishing towns like cedeira, used for the construction of boat hulls, and the gradual and controlled oxidation of which gives the material self-protecting qualities. Its patina and changing color create  a lively image that relates with the natural environment.

This interplay between the natural and the artificial also benefits the interior spaces, where the light that crosses through these silhouettes
casts shadows of trees in the different rooms.

The house combines two different systems: prefabricated construction (2d) for the attic and modular construction (3d) for the ground floor. The modules were built in the facilities of the construction company




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