God and Religion: The argument (via Hishamianism’s Blog)

Intro: Hisham is a good friend of mine from Bangladesh, University of Rajshahi, department of English. Co-editor of the literature magazine “Shasshotiki”
We had this debate a long time ago and i am more than happy to recollect my thoughts from his Blog.

My Response on God and Religion:
First on Religion. I think in its plain form, “Religion is mans effort to reach God”. So every man has a religion whether named or “un-named”
It does not necessarily follow that religion is a path revealed to man by God….God reveals yes but as per my definition, Religion is simply mans efforts. This in my opinion explains why we have as many varied religions in the world as we have different personalities.

God has a way of speaking to humans…God is Spirit.
God speaks therefore to the human spirit.Just like a cow can communicate to another cow or a bird to a bird.
When God reveals to the human spirit, it speaks to the human mind and the human mind directs the human body and the world as we know it.
Though i spend a lot of time meditating about the things of God, i.e those He has revealed to my spirit, i think i would be misleading to even attempt to name my religion.
Am not sure what it would be called except the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, truth and Understanding of the issues of forelife, life and afterlife.
In this manner, i have escaped the many “religious traditions” which do not agree with my spirit.

Hisham ,I like your wholesome and articulate thinking,
You say “we humans have sparks within us from which we can create our own universes”…and you could not be further from the truth.

If i may borrow a line from the writtings of Paul who was a disciple of Jesus,
He said “for you shall speak into the air”.

Going back to whom he was a disciple of (Jesus) we find the words, “it is enough for the student to be like the teacher”

I think the ultimate goal and most supreme Goal for man must be to fulfill that scripture in Psalms which simply says “Ye are gods”

That is ENOUGHNESS, and i think the day we shall have the “thoughts of God” we shall have attained what you have called Nicholas being Exactly like his Father.
To attain this image of God in us is the Absolute thing.
We are in the image of God but God is not in the image of man…and this alone is the dividing line between Man and God, otherwise in my purest contemplation “I am a god” and He is “GOD”….the process of becoming that god in the image of GOD is what you may refer to as Religion or Philosophy or Budhaism etc ….each chosen method having its known limits even though i may pursue an integrated pure search wherein there is found no ERROR

Rial Ahsan (Toronto, ON) replied to David’s post:
Thanks David for the post. I would agree with you regarding the definition of Religion and the fact that all humans have some from of religion including the Ones, who declares themselves as Atheists. Regarding God talking to us. We are part of him and He is present within us through his presence in our souls. A part of Him (not being any gender radical of some sort) is given to us and that is how we are of Him and our conscience is build around what He says to us. This is irrespective of whether or not one has a declared religion or not. Religion, as I understand is a method written with the median mass in mind to educate themselves about the path one should take to reach Him and in making this world a better place to live.

God and Religion: The argument

IN THIS ARGUMENT: 1. Hisham Mohammad Nazer, University of Rajshahi, department of English. Co-editor of the literature magazine “Shasshotiki”. 2. Mr. Rial Ahsan, Dishari Management International, Position: CEO, Toronto Canada 3. Rahul, University of Rajshahi, department of English. 4. David Nahinga, University of Nairobi ’04, B.A. Building Economics, Pg.Dip Project Management. 5. Simona Mazarel, Transylvania University of Brasov. Hisham: Sotto, ‘ … Read More

via Hishamianism’s Blog


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  1. God gave man salvation. Man made religion to connect himself to that superior being. So, real religion is as diverse as human being in the world.

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