The first by-laws for Building Development controls were introduced in Kenya by the Colonial Government in 1926. They were applied to the then Nairobi Town Council. These were later replaced by the Nairobi City Council By-laws(Building) in 1948 which incorporated town planning and zoning requirements. The current building code, which is a replica of the British Building Regulations 1948 edition, was adopted by the Minister of Local Government for use  in 1968 by the local authorities for control within their areas of jurisdiction.

In 1995, a set of new building regulations, commonly referred to as Code 95, were developed through the Government/private sector initiative. The main objective of this was to promote Housing Standards and Procedures aimed at reducing building costs, use of innovative designs and encouraging use of local materials. No significant success was realized through this initiative due to the failure by most of the local authorities to adopt this new code.

My aim of writing about “Building Regulations” is to highlight and hopefully create a space to talk about the proposed “Planning and Building Act 2009” and the proposed “Planning and Building Regulations 2009” which seek to harmonize physical planning and building works; enhance accountability, professionalism and collaboration among professionals and other stakeholders in the building industry; and to increase investment in the building industry.

I trust i shall also throw in a word or two about the proposed National Planning and Building Authority mandated to coordinate and oversee the implementation of the provisions of the proposed Planning and Building Act 2009.

Kindest regards

David Nahinga


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